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"Award-winning Employer Brand Consultancy, Specialising in candidate attraction and engagement"

JobHoller started life as a recruitment marketing service offered by tech digital recruitment brand Searchability, before evolving into a standalone employer brand consultancy delivering a plethora of services for clients across a variety of industry sectors! Keep reading to learn more about our journey!

The Origins of JobHoller at Searchability

Searchability has pioneered the tech recruitment world since 2012, developing in-house technology products, championing social media engagement, and standing out in one of the most crowded and competitive recruitment markets in the UK.

Their approach to recruitment got Searchability recognised in a variety of industry awards, and saw them grow an extensive client base too with brands including Sky, Lockheed Martin, Jaguar Landrover and many more trusting Searchability with finding the right talent to build out their technical teams.

In 2015 Searchability launched a simple recruitment marketing service for clients looking to boost their ability to attract candidates directly called "Searchability Ignite", and began to develop an in-house technology product that allowed any user to create a branded careers hub for their hiring objectives.

The Searchability Ignite technology gave our clients a platform to showcase their employer brand, but without having people who understood recruitment, marketing and employer branding promoting this through digital channels to targeted candidates, we found that our clients weren't achieving the results they really needed.

Entering the world of employer branding...

In 2015 Sophie Hopley joined Searchability to head up the brand's marketing strategy and take ownership of the "Searchability Ignite" product. With a background in marketing across industries including fashion, events and property, Sophie immersed herself into the world of IT recruitment and soon realised how the link between recruitment marketing and employer branding could transform "Searchability Ignite" into something much bigger.

Sophie got in touch with Brett Minchington, the world's most published author and educator in employer branding, and CEO of Employer Brand International, and began a journey with Brett as a mentor to become a qualified Employer Brand Leader in 2016.

Through this journey it became apparent that having a platform to showcase a company's employer brand simply wan't enough, we needed to delve deeper into the strategic side of employer branding, the candidate experience, employee advocacy as well as employee engagement in order to deliver the best service for our clients.

The birth of JobHoller...

Using Sophie's employer brand knowledge, feedback from Searchability clients and hiring industry insights from MD Martin Blythe, we began to develop JobHoller as a standalone brand, which included advancing our existing technology product to incorporate elements beyond the "digital shop window" of our clients' employer brand. This technology was developed 100% in-house, and worked as a platform for our employer branding and candidate attraction campaigns.

The JobHoller Journey...

Since JobHoller was born we have worked with a number of companies on both long-term employer brand partnerships and shorter candidate attraction campaigns. We have been employer brand partners at World Employer Branding Day for the past three years, including delivering a workshop at the event in Lisbon in 2019 and a webinar for their first ever virtual event in 2020. We've also collected a couple of prestigious industry awards too, including "Best Newcomer" in 2017 and "Creative Online Marketing Award" in 2018 at the UK's Onrec Awards!

Meet the JobHoller Team!

Martin Blythe

Managing Director | Searchability

Group CEO

Sophie Hopley

Founder & Employer

Brand Director

Leah Cottham

Employer Brand

& Marketing Manager

Chloe Jephson

Employer Brand

& Marketing Executive

Cheryl Holden 

Head of People and Culture

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