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JobHoller – we give you Outstanding Employer Branding!

If you are a Business Owner, HR Professional, Recruitment Manager or Marketing Specialist looking for expertise to enhance your Employer Brand & Employee Advocacy then look no further!  JobHoller  can solve this quickly and efficiently in a cost-effective and stress free manner to help drive brand awareness, candidate engagement and staff retention.

As the war for talent wages on, more and more companies are starting to see the benefits of strategic employer branding for candidate attraction, engagement and even employee retention! It’s not just the global companies with strong corporate profiles and enormous advertising budgets who are reaping the rewards! By creating intriguing and compelling content that showcases your company culture and driving the right people towards it, you can massively increase awareness of your company as a brilliant place to work! This is where JobHoller can help.

This is a unique digital toolkit that harnesses the power of digital marketing, employer brand management, employee advocacy and candidate management all in one easy to use mobile friendly platform to save you money, time & stress!

Newcomer of the Year 2017!

Mission Statement - To build, enhance and leverage your Employer Brand via our digital toolkit to help recruit and retain top talent.

Our Journey

JobHoller was born out of frustration. As a seasoned recruiter within the Software development field Martin spent many years sourcing and placing candidates within a very niche sector. He often came up against problems that were completely outside of his control but easily solvable, so he started solving them.....JobHoller was born!

"Many roles on the surface appeared to offer no excitement, no prospects and most importantly no buy in for the candidates. It was all good and well me steering them through the opportunities that existed but I had a vested interest, this is how I got paid. My word would only go so far as the digital & social age dawned. If a company had no digital presence, no engagement across social media, no employee advocacy, then for every 2 or 3 I managed to convince to go to interview I would lose another 1 or 2 that would be persuaded by my eager competition not to bother. How could I solve this problem? Not every company has the foresight, manpower or appetite to invest in their wider digital marketing to entice prospective candidate into interview, after all this was my job as a recruiter." Martin Blythe, Founder @ JobHoller

"The solution was simple, we started to build digital hubs ourselves. Stand alone platforms that created a richer sense of experience away from the noise of their corporate website, a place that we could shout about everything we knew about this company, the role, the proposition, the benefits and we started to share it across all digital and social media platforms. The competition stood back and gasped in amazement as we gave full publicity to who we were working with (a big no-no in the world of recruitment) & most importantly why! We were proud of who we were working with and wanted to attract the best candidates for our clients. It worked, very well in fact, and roll this on 5 years and here we are with JobHoller!" Sophie Heaton, Employer Brand Manager @ JobHoller

Yes it's evolved, we’ve listened to all your feedback. We hear your struggles and I think we’ve managed to solve ALL of them…for now! 😉

Since we started

The need for help grew, clients wanted to manage the candidate journey – so we built an ATS, OnBoarder ATS which helps you manage the candidate journey whether they apply directly or are introduced via one of your agencies. It tells you where a candidate came from, whether they’ve been duplicated, what terms are attached, what agency represents them and most importantly when the representation expires, quite simple really. Functionality is at the heart of everything.

Some companies didn’t have relevant or shareable content, so we did it for them. We have grown our very own bespoke content team that are based from our Chester HQ but can equally be on site, get to know your staff and key stakeholders and most importantly give you a strategy and a space online on which to engage your future employees.

Job adverts across all major job boards are still a viable solution dependent upon what market you are recruiting into, however they all simply started looking the same?! They weren’t engaging or visible, so we built our very own portal that visually highlighted the benefits and key skills - all optimised for mobile with a unique one-click apply function for those jobseekers that needed engagement at a speed necessary in today's digital world - oh and guess what, you can post into here for free also!

I have visited some of the most amazing workplaces, heavenly chill out areas, frenetic games rooms, bouncing social occasions – but no-one was talking about it?! There is nothing more powerful than your employees sharing stories, photos, videos of their positive experiences within the workplace, Hollering was born! An easy to use Employee Advocacy toolkit that promotes your company from the people that really matter.

And what’s ahead

We are currently working on the OnBoarder Mobile App, the ultimate Candidate – Employee management tool. We're bias of course but this is going to be awesome! The app pulls together the last 5 years of feedback from frustrated HR professionals & prospective candidates to form one cohesive engagement tool - we love it and cant wait to show you all!

So then what next? You tell us! What are you missing, what do you need….we’re all ears!

Meet the Team

Martin Blythe

Wirral born, Digital enthusiast, ex-superstar DJ (almost), Caravan owner, father of 3 beautiful girls, Tranmere fan, Loves Recruitment….genuinely.

Sophie Heaton

Love all things Marketing & Branding. Trained contemporary dancer, Gin expert, Everton fan & Gossip Girl enthusiast! 

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A strong employer brand can woo passive candidates - 84% of candidates would consider leaving their current company if another company with an excellent reputation offered them a job.

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