About Us - Our Journey so far

August 2010

A Bright Idea!

Idea of combining social media, marketing and recruitment was born

May 2012
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The Birth of Searchability

Founded Searchability – IT & Digital Recruitment firm

February 2013
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Leading the way

Social Media marketing and job board advertising sold as a separate entity from Searchability

November 2014
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Searchability Ignite

Launched the recruitment marketing platform as a standalone service.

March 2015
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Enter Sophie!

Sophie Heaton joined to help grow the Ignite proposition

December 2015
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JobHoller was born

Ignite becomes its own standalone company JobHoller

January 2016
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Getting Social

Added the social wall and blog wall feature to client pages

January 2016
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Moving Forward

Added our content Team to create blogs, articles and social media engagement for clients

February 2016


Focus moved to employer branding away from solely recruitment

March 2016
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Phase 1

JobHoller phase 1 build commissioned on Angular JS platform

April 2016

Another great tool

Employee Advocacy bolt-on planning

June 2016
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Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy platform goes live

August 2016

ATS implementation

3-step ATS functionality with basic agency management tool goes live

September 2016
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Simply Awesome!

Sophie Heaton qualified as Employer Brand Leader from Employer Brand International

October 2016
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Phase 2

JobHoller Phase 2 development commissioned including Full ATS with additional tools to collaborate between teams, build bespoke candidate journey and manage the full applicant process through to onboarding

January 2017

Market Trends

Added the Market Trends API to allow users to check salary levels before advertising

March 2017
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So Proud

Won ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Onrec Awards

May 2017

Content Tools

Content dashboard, Twitter integration / scheduling tool and Twitter spy added to the branding dashboard

July 2017
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Added InstaWall to company page to help companies showcase company culture

Mission Statement - To build, enhance and leverage your Employer Brand to help recruit and retain top talent.