Top 5 Employee Engagement Strategies

Employee Engagement - what does it mean to you and your workplace?  Do you have a strategy in place that benefits your culture?

Having engaged employees is vital for any business as it reflects positively on your reputation, your organisational structure and ultimately, your future success.

In short, "Employee engagement is a feeling it is how well aligned and connected your employees feel."  Having an engaged workforce means that you have employees who are happy to work with you, be a strong advocate for what you stand for and feel like they are a vital part of your team.  Look at our blog on the importance of measuring your employee engagement for a greater understanding.

If you're looking to boost your knowledge on engagement, its importance and the top 5 strategies you can implement to improve your culture and overall employer brand message, read on...

Why is Employee Engagement Important?

Who wouldn't want a team of people who genuinely want to progress your business?  Along with the obvious benefits, there are many you probably wouldn't think about that can have a large impact on your bottom line.

Your Reputation

The ultimate benefit of having a strong level of employee engagement is that both internal and external individuals have of your brand.  If you're looking after your current employees and this is then shared externally, people will have a positive observation of you, leading to greater associations.  This will not only boost your custom, it will also increase interest for future hires and business collaborations.

Your Bottom Line

Along with your image in the market, having an engaged team of empowered employees will help boost your finances.  Not only will it increase your overall productivity, it will decrease the level of stress in your workplace, leading to less sick days and lower employee turnover levels.

Your Working Environment

We all want to work in a positive, collaborative environment, right?  Well that is why having an engaged workforce is important, as it can stimulate this.  As the saying goes...

Employee engagement linked to environment

Therefore, if you have a team of happy, engaged employees, this will be duplicated and have a positive effect on your team dynamic.  Work on this side of things and you can say hello to a mutually aligned, motivated workforce!

5 Employee Engagement Strategies to Incorporate

Support flexibility

One of the key perk employees want out of a workplace is flexibility, therefore, by listening to their desires, you can boost many areas of your business.  Along with enhancing your employees experience, you'll have a solid offering to attract future hires to your company.

The key perk of offering flexibility is the level of satisfaction your employees will feel.  This can have a significant impact on the their motivation levels, along with increasing the positivity of their perception of you.  Happy Employees = Happy Customers.

Map out career paths

A further condition for employees when taking up a new role is their future development and career opportunities.  Do you openly express future plans to yours?  If not, this is a very important strategy to incorporate to increase your engagement levels.

Every employee want to have a purpose and know that their career is going somewhere with you, leading to greater fulfilment levels.

Recognise your employees

Who doesn't love a bit of recognition?  In more ways that one.  This can be anything from physically recognising them such as a 'good morning' as you walk into your office, to recognising them for their accomplishments.

Employees want to feel like they are valued and working for you for a give them one!  Additionally, provide feedback to your employees - even if it acts as constructive criticism, as individuals like to know where they stand, and that you want to support their development in your company.

Increase your employee's involvement

One of the best ways you can make your employees feel valued is through involvement.  From experience, having your manager give you the responsibility and respect your opinion is very fulfilling, so I'm sure your employees will the same.

By doing this, they will feel like they are a vital piece to your businesses' puzzle and will be more committed to their responsibilities and to increasing their knowledge in their area.

Dedicate some listening time

We are all human...  We all have lives outside of the workplace.  One way you can improve your company culture is through dedicating some of your limited time to listening and getting to know your employees.  This will create an open-door and level of trust.

Furthermore, by listening to your employees, you'll gain a greater insight into what they want from a workplace and how they envision their future without having to wait until the regular 6-month appraisal process.  By doing this you can then incorporate any reasonable requests they mention that matches your company values.  Not only will this please our current team, it could help you attract the future talent if done correctly.

Additional to the above strategies, one of the best ways you can improve your engagement levels is through measuring your current level, by then making improvements based on your results.  To find our more about measuring yours, check our blog - The importance of measuring your employee engagement.

Having engaged employees is very important for the future of your business, and this is why I recommend you gain a greater understanding of it now. evaluate and implement strategies to boost yours today!

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