We all know that awards can be good for business, but what about your employees, current and future?

Love them or hate them, there are awards going on out there all the time, but is it worth the effort involved to prepare a submission?  You may have heard “we’re not here to win awards”, but could a reputable award give you the edge over your competition in the war for talent?

We were delighted to find out this week that along with our sister company, Searchability, we have been nominated for a total of 8 awards at the OnRec Awards 2018.  It’s created an amplified feeling of pride in the office, everyone has an extra spring in their step and we are looking forward to the awards dinner in March.

But there are many more reasons to get involved in awards!

What could awards do for your employer brand?

Increased visibility, increased reach, increased credibility and lots more too.  Even if you don’t use an award to attract potential candidates, it will still help at the point of offering a position.  Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes for a second.  If you were offered 2 positions with similar companies, salary, benefits etc. then would it come down to who had the best reputation?  What says that better than an award or 8 to your name?  Awards are recognition for a job well done and who doesn’t want to work for a company who does the job well?

Visibility for employer branding

Maximize visibility

Reputable awards are a great way to gain publicity for your brand and with minimal involvement.  All awards are usually supported by a whole raft of marketing and PR initiatives across local, national and social press and having links to your company will not only increase awareness of your brand but will also gain more traffic to your website.  You can leverage this further by using any hashtags associated with the award and sponsors in your marketing.  The increased reach is remarkable.

Take advantage of all the promotion that is being done in the background.  Make yourself known to the marketing team for the awards and offer your assistance with any PR or editorial.  Marketing teams are always keen to get a wide range of companies involved at this stage.

TOP TIP!  It’s imperative that your website is ready for the increased traffic.  If recruiting is high on the agenda, make sure that you have your careers page up to date and your employer brand spot on beforehand.  This is your opportunity to reach people who you may not have reached before and you want to create the best possible candidate experience from the word go. 

Credibility for Employer Branding

Increased credibility

Any award, whether it be a nomination or a win, is like receiving a glowing testimonial and positions you as an expert in your industry and award category.  Here at JobHoller, we are over the moon that our nominations link to our key strengths and the very foundation of our offering – marketing and technology.  This really helps us stand apart from our competitors and lets a whole lot of people know that we are really rather good at what we do.  Don’t ever think that your business is too young to go for awards either – we are a great example to show that you can still get involved.  There are usually awards for Best Newcomer, one of our proudest moments last year, or One to Watch that are perfect for those new to the market.

Having an award, or nomination, tells people that you are a company to trust, a company that is going places and a company that is proud of it’s achievements and one that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries in excellence.

JobHoller has been nominated for –

The Creative Online Marketing Award


The Technical Innovation Award

Winning Awards for Increased Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement

Employee engagement

Everyone likes to be told “well done”.  Everyone likes the sense of achievement when their hard work is recognised and we all know that recognition is usually pretty high on an employees list of motivations.

An award is a very public way of recognising the hard work of your employees.  Who doesn’t want to be proud of their work and their employer?  This can also go a long way to help your employee advocacy programme too as employees are usually more than happy to share posts on their social media networks about how fabulous their employer, and indeed they are.  We are really proud of every one of our very talented team at JobHoller and are shouting it from the rooftops!

An announcement of an award nomination or win always creates a renewed sense of vigour in any office.  It brings everyone together, regardless of their department or role and creates a combined sense of achievement that can be felt throughout. 

TOP TIP – An award is always a great excuse for a celebration, even if it’s not the awards ceremony itself – a night out, lunch or just drinks after work – something else to showcase on social media as part of your employer branding strategy.

JobHoller can give you all the tools you need to be an employer of choice - awards or no awards.  Get in touch today to see how we can help - info@jobholler.com

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