When was the last time you bought a product, visited a restaurant or attended an event, purely due to social influence? With so much of our lives spent online, this is where brands are promoting their products and services and recruiting shouldn't be any different.

At the Glassdoor 2018 Best Companies to Work For Tour earlier today, our favourite quote was "Recruitment is marketing and marketing is recruitment". Never has this been more apparent. With companies like Facebook, EasyJet and Nando's seeing the huge benefits from promoting their employer brand and using their social influence, isn't it time you looked at using your social networks for your recruitment marketing?

The ability to attract top talent is a key priority for companies with cost to hire coming a close second for most. But with the talent shortage at such a high level, and the influence of social media, the recruitment landscape is experiencing a step change. Read our guide on how to stay ahead of the competition and leverage your social influence to help you attract, engage and retain the very best people for your company.

How your Glassdoor rating can even influence your profitability

Employer Branding with Glassdoor

With the wealth of information available to candidates across all the social media channels, they are now able to make much more informed decisions before applying for a new role. You only have to look at the continued success of Glassdoor to realise that the candidates are more in control and are doing their due diligence on their next potential employer. They are able to consider both rational and emotional influences with the click of a few buttons.

By using your social influence, you can help ensure that your ideal candidates are informed by sharing your story and really showcasing your employer brand. The advantages of making sure your potential candidates are highly informed prior to applying are much more than simply increasing your level of applications.

By sharing the story of what it's really like to work for you, you will receive more relevant applications from people who are best suited to your culture and it's been proven that highly informed candidates stay longer once hired. They are also more likely to rate themselves as highly satisfied in employee surveys and this is where it gets interesting.

A recent study by Norwich Business School has identified a direct link between employee satisfaction and financial performance and something as simple as your Glassdoor rating gaining a 1 star increase can result in a 1% increase in profitability.

Leverage your social influence

Social Media for Recruiting

Content marketing is everywhere, and most companies are using some sort of inbound marketing methods. But very few are using this tried and tested methodology when it comes to attracting talent.

Here's our tip tips on getting the best out of your social influence -


Set up a separate careers specific social media presence.  

Use this to showcase your employer brand. The message needs to stand alone and not get lost in your business marketing on social media.


Content is king.

Don't just promote your employer brand when you are recruiting. In this current market you always need to be recruiting to have the edge against your competition. So, when you're not advertising, keep the audience engaged with interesting content.


Be Authentic!

This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to promoting your employer brand. You want people to come and work for you and you want them to stay. Be honest and transparent about what life is really like behind your doors. And whilst this may not appeal to everyone, that's not what you are trying to do. What you are trying to do is attract the right candidates - those that will fit in and stay.


Tell your story.

Rather than simply promoting your open roles, you should tell the story of your company, what makes you different to work for, why you exist, what you are trying to achieve. Giving candidates access to this information will make them want to be part of the story and part of the future success. You will find that by sharing your cultural story, you will also increase the engagement of your employees across social media which in turn will increase your reach. There are many companies doing this well and some have introduced a referral scheme to reward those employees who refer their network.


Use the voice of your employees.

You are surrounded by people who can tell their own version of your story, why not tap into this for easy and authentic content generation. Companies need to be less afraid of their employees sharing content about them on social media. You should embrace it. L'Oreal have been using the voice of their employees for a long time now and have found a huge benefit in supporting this with asking for permission to re-share content created by their employees. This has also increased their employee engagement.

Employer branding allows you to do things differently

If you are still to see the benefits of an employer brand, then here's an example of how Nando's really harnessed the power of Glassdoor and took it one step further than everyone else. 

You can't look at the competition and say you're going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you're going to do it differently.  Steve Jobs

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At the Glassdoor event today, Nando's highlighted how they were proud of their feedback on Glassdoor and used it as part of a larger marketing campaign. They posted their Glassdoor reviews across the tube and on buses!  This campaign not only generated an uplift to their careers site, but also created internal noise with employees taking selfies next to the posters and posting them on social media. The full circle and a great way to promote the brand, be authentic and utilise the voice of their employees.

If you need some help with your employer brand and recruitment marketing, get in touch and see how quickly you can start the see the benefits of using your social influence.  01244 567967 / info@jobholler.com

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