We were delighted to be chosen as the winners of the Creative Online Marketing Award at the 2018 OnRec Awards last week. We put a lot of work into our creative online marketing at JobHoller for both ourselves and our clients, so it really is a thrill to be recognised for that hard work.

Creative marketing isn't just about pretty pictures. Marketing, like most other things is evolving and has become more complex in the online world, so we thought we would share our top tips to help with your employer branding strategy.

Introducing your brand with creative online marketing

Creative Marketing for Employer Brand

How you decide to launch your brand to the market is one of the most important decisions a business makes. Whether that be to start a new business, launch a new product or hire a new team, there needs to be a lot of consideration when creating a strategy. Regardless of how you choose to develop your strategy, your online presence should be top priority.

So much communication is now online and it's important that your strategy encompasses this as its key element when it comes to attracting potential candidates.

You may already have an established brand, but when launching your employer brand, you need to stand out and give yourself the edge against your competitors. Whilst your corporate brand will support this, your employer brand needs a whole separate strategy and creativity here is key. You may initially stand out as you will be new to the market, but after your initial launch, promoting your brand is an on-going effort and the same principles apply to your employer brand as it does to your company brand.

Fail to plan - plan to fail

marketing strategy

Any creative online marketing efforts need a solid strategy behind them to help achieve results. If you approach marketing on an ad-hoc basis, then it is not likely to give you as good an ROI as online marketing with a plan.

Before you start to develop your creative strategy and promote your employer brand, you need to answer some very important questions -

1. What is your story? Candidates like the back story to any company, how you've got where you are, how long have you been in operation, what are your key milestones. Creating a story around your employer brand enables you to really utilise your creativity. Creativity is all about your uniqueness compared to your competitors and your story is yours alone and therefore your most unique part.

2. What are your objectives? Set out SMART objectives right from the start to enable you to monitor performance easily and make tweaks to the strategy throughout its lifecycle.

3. Who is your audience and where are they? Creating personas for your ideal candidate will really help you drill down on being seen in the right places. Where do they hang out online? What are their media preferences? What is important to them and what are they looking for? From this question, you should be able to create a distribution plan to get the best results.

Developing a creative strategy for your employer brand is like a blueprint of how you will deliver against your objectives.

Some key points to remember- 

Top Tip #1
​Excite and delight!  Stand out from the crowd.  It's noisy out there and getting yourself heard over the noise is where creativity really will help.

Top Tip #2
Start with the end in mind. Your creative marketing strategy should provide the full end-to-end service to your potential candidates. Don't stop when you are not actively recruiting!

Top Tip #3
There is such a thing as being too creative and losing your key message. Always check that your message is clear in all communication. This is where advance planning really helps.

Top Tip #4
Be careful of promoting one area of the business more than others.  It is easy to fall into this trap when you recruit more in one team than the other. Remember to promote the whole business and the employer brand that runs through its core. That way, when you recruit in a different team, you don't have to start the whole creative process again.

If you want to excite and delight with your employer brand, let the experts help - get in touch and see why we were chosen as the winners of the Creative Online Marketing Award 2018 - 01244 567 967 / info@jobholler.com

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