Employer Branding has been around for a long time, but with social media and automation the landscape has changed considerably over the last 5 years or so. There are companies who are leveraging their employer brand across their website and social media and these companies are a step ahead in the competition for top talent in today's skills shortage.

If your company isn't already considered a great place to work, then investing time in an employer brand strategy will have an amazing impact.

Top 5 reasons to invest in your employer branding strategy

Reduce your recruitment costs

Increase your applications

Reduce your time to fill vacancies

Increase employee retention

Improve the candidate experience

(Read our blog on Candidate Management for more information on the impact of a positive candidate experience - you may be surprised!)

There may be many reasons that you are not currently investing in your employer brand, but there are more reasons why you shout be!

Here are the most common barriers to introducing an employer branding strategy and our quick tips on how to overcome them.

We don't really understand employer branding or where to even start!

Employer Brand Audit

This is probably the easiest one to answer as all you need to do initially is listen. Talk to your current employees and even your potential employees if you are currently in a hiring process. Ask questions about what you do that works and what else you could do to improve the process. There may be some amazing ideas right underneath your nose. Try and separate yourself from any opinions or pre-determined ideas you currently have.

The next step is to put yourself in the shoes of a candidate and go through your recruitment process. Apply for a role and see how it feels and what perception you have of the company. You can take this one step further by looking at your interview process, communication, induction and review process. What you are doing is auditing your employer brand and this should then help give you a list of improvement areas. Now you know more about what needs to be done!

We don't have buy-in from management to support any employer branding initiatives

Investing in Employer Branding

Now that you have your list of improvement areas, feedback, ideas and anything else to support your cause, this can be used to present to senior management and hopefully gain buy-in. Most people at a senior level within a company are behind company branding and the reputation and perception of potential clients - if you promote the employer branding strategy to management under the same concept but focused on employees, then this should be your green light.  You may find that our blog Business Marketing v Employer Brand a useful tool in any discussion.

We're just a small company - we wouldn't know how to make our content interesting enough

Small Company Branding

You don't need big stories to make a big impact. Creating a content strategy to help promote your employer brand takes time and needs to be carefully crafted and executed for the best results. The best advice we can give is to be real! Promote real messages with real people and potential employees will start to buy into your employer brand. There may be some people who participated in the initial research who would be happy to be showcased as a 'day in the life' or 'introducing' campaign. Other employees will see this and it's likely they will start to approach you with stories that you can use in your content strategy.

That being said, companies can learn a lot from larger organisations who are already leveraging their employer brand. We would recommend following your competition and also a couple of companies that you aspire to for inspiration and ideas.

We don't have anyone with the capacity to manage the additional work load

Employer Branding Strategy

This is a problem for many companies as so few have people sat around who can take on such a level of additional work. It's important to be consistent and have a plan rather than utilise a scatter gun approach when it comes to promoting your employer brand. The obvious choice is to partner with marketing. If you already have a digital marketing function then you already have the skillset to execute a strong employer branding plan. However, not all companies have the luxury of a marketing team so there are a few more options.

You could outsource your employer branding to an agency - this is where JobHoller comes in, you could incentivise someone within the company to help you - you may have a social media superstar within your team and this would certainly go some way to help.

There's also something else you can do and problem #5 is both a problem and a solution.

You are nervous about your employees being brand ambassadors

Employee Advocacy

Think of all your employees as unofficial recruiters. They are the jewel in your crown and the people who can tell real stories about what life is like working for your company. But your employees need guidance! Don't just expect to open the flood gates and expect it all to smell of roses - take the time to train your teams on how to use their own social media networks to help promote your employer brand. You may want to read our blog The Pros and Cons of Employee Advocacy Revealed for more information on this.

There really is so much you can do with Employer Branding to help attract and retain your top talent and it's a key area for so many businesses.

JobHoller are experts in employer branding and can even provide you with an employer branding strategic audit to help build the ultimate branding solution, specific to you.   Give us a call on 01244 567 967 and see how employer branding can help give you the edge in the competition for top talent.

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