As the situation caused by COVID-19 Coronavirus worsens across the UK, many of us have seen a dramatic impact upon our businesses and personal lives. It’s utterly heart-breaking to see the effect this is having particularly amongst the older generation and those with underlying health conditions, and with our NHS already under strain we know that more needs to be done to both stop the spread of the virus and also help ensure our NHS has the support it needs to get through this. When we see the shocking headlines and terrifying statistics it’s safe to say that we all wish we could do something to help, which is why when we were approached by medical recruitment agency owner Joshua Sprigg we immediately offered our services free of charge to help.

Joshua is the Founder and MD of recruitment brands Enferm Medical and Fast Medical, and is a fellow member of Members Only UK, which is an exclusive network of forward-thinking recruitment agency leaders. The group has allowed recruitment leaders to share ideas and offer support throughout this crisis, and it’s been great to see the camaraderie between agencies all pulling together to help each other through this. Joshua reached out in the group after being faced with one of the biggest recruitment drives ever to support the NHS in their fight against COVID-19 Coronavirus, which is when we saw an opportunity to help.

Throughout the next few weeks / months, we will be supporting Enferm Medical and Fast Medical with a free candidate attraction campaign using JobHoller, recruitment marketing, content and social media engagement to try and raise awareness for the NHS vacancies and help drive as many candidates towards them. We asked JobHoller’s MD Martin Blythe about the importance of giving something back during this time:

“We are all seeing the terrible images and statistics around the impact this virus is having, and it’s apparent that if we don’t act now we could be facing many more tragic losses of life and a huge strain on our NHS. I had already been looking for a way to help out after seeing headlines of 65,000 former NHS doctors and nurses being asked to return to work, so when Joshua at Enferm Medical got in touch I knew that we could do something through JobHoller to help out.”

If you are a qualified General Nurse (Band 5), ITU Nurse (Band 5) or A&E Nurse (Band 5) please visit the Enferm Medical page here, and if you are a qualified Consultant Gastroenterologist / Consultant Respiratory / Consultant Acute / Consultant Stroke/Elderly please visit the Fast Medical page here. We hope all of our readers stay safe and healthy during these difficult times; we are all in this together!

Some kind words from Joshua at Enferm Medical:

“As we fight on to increase our supply to the NHS minute by minute, the team at Enferm Medical have been relentlessly working through the days and nights including weekends to offer everything from emotional support to our Nurses/Doctors and help make everything as easy as possible before stepping into the NHS Trusts for their shifts. During these difficult times we fight on to make a difference in every way possible. I wanted to take a minute to stop and breath and show some appreciation for external parties that have shown an incredible and overwhelming level of support, including Sophie Hopley for relentlessly working around the clock to help us bridge the gap in supply to the NHS with her teams at JobHoller.”
Joshua Sprigg
Founder & MD at Enferm Medical

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