Our Services

We understand that every organisation is unique, which is why we offer bespoke packages for every individual employer brand objective and budget! Below is a snapshot of a few of the services we offer, click to learn more or submit an enquiry!

Employer Brand Discovery & Strategic Audit

Here we help you build a strong employer brand from scratch, including: Defining your employer brand objectives, reviewing your current talent acquisition strategy, building a winning employer brand team, conducting EVP and employee engagement research, creating your unique employer brand architecture and defining a 12 month employer brand plan.

Social Identity & Channel Management

Social media is a great platform to promote your employer brand, build talent pools and engage candidates through, so our social media experts can both build and manage dedicated social channels on behalf of your brand. This includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more!

Candidate Attraction & Engagement Campaigns

Having been born out of a recruitment agency that champions social media, candidate attraction and engagement is our sweet spot! We create content that showcases your employer brand and excites specific candidate demographics about joining your company, promote this through targeted marketing campaigns and boost candidate applications for your live vacancies!

Employer Brand Content Campaigns

We share your unique employer brand insights and stories through original blog content, social posts, images, videos and more! Either organic or sponsored campaigns depending on your objectives and budget!

Careers Hub & Candidate Engagement Technology

JobHoller built an award-winning technology product to help companies showcase their employer brand, create a mobile optimised careers website, enhance the candidate experience and activate employee advocacy in line with their wider employer brand activities. This technology can be used as a standalone service, or in tandem with any other JobHoller service.

A look at some of our work:

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