Building an employer brand architecture
for MAM Software

JobHoller began working with MAM Software in 2018, prior to their acquisition from Kerridge Commercial Systems, to help establish an employer brand presence and increase their ability to attract technical candidates for their Yorkshire HQ in Tankersley.

The challenge:

We needed to increase MAM Software's ability to attract candidates, particularly within the IT team around software engineering and development functions. The majority of their tech team was based from the HQ in Tankersley, which is a location where tech talent was relatively scarce. The brand had no internal dedicated HR / recruitment team, and the internal marketing team was dedicated solely to the commercial needs of the business. There was no dedicated careers website or defined employer brand / EVP so they needed to develop an understanding of their true identity to support their ability to attract technical candidates. We needed to conduct a strategic audit to discover an authentic employer brand, conduct EVP research and measure employee engagaement and deliver a platform with supporting campaign to attract and engage candidates for the brand.

A snapshot of what we did:

Carried out an employer brand strategic audit - with a detailed engagement survey delivered to all IT employees

Created an employer brand architecture with four key EVP pillars along with suggestions to help them achieve their aspirational EVP's

Built a branded mobile optimised careers hub to help drive engagement for live tech vacancies

Created blog content that would promote their positive employer brand and increase engagement of technical candidates for the brand

Ran targeted social adverts and branded job board advertising to increase awareness of the brand as a tech employer in the area

Engaged our recruitment brand Searchability to deliver talent insights and support the set up of a new tech hub in Nottingham

A snapshot of the results over 12 months:

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