Job Board Software is widely used within recruitment agencies due to the high volume of job roles they advertise, and the big budgets associated with their industry. For individual companies however, job board software is often ignored and dismissed as an “unnecessary extra”, when in reality it can be a really useful tool for those looking to recruit directly. Here are 6 things you need to know about Job Board Recruitment Software in case you are thinking of investing in it for your company:

Job board software makes it quick and easy to post your advert to multiple places!

Two of the biggest complaints companies have when it comes to recruiting for a role are:

  • It takes up too much time
  • We don't get enough response

Web based recruitment software can be the perfect answer to both problems! Many platforms will let you upload a single job description / advert and then simply select the different places you want this to be posted to! You can get your job advert listed on dozens of job boards simultaneously, which can save lots of time in comparison with posting directly to each job board / social media outlet individually! Using job board software to post your advert to multiple places will also improve your chances of getting relevant applications through for your vacancy. For example, Totaljobs Group Ltd (which includes totaljobs, CareerStructure,, CatererGlobal, CWJobs and RetailChoice) attracts 7 million jobseekers every month! Job boards are clearly holding strong as one of the top platforms to attract candidates who are actively looking for a new role, so if you’re keen to attract more people for that urgent vacancy then this could be the way to go!

Don’t be fooled by every offer for multiple job listings!

Recruiting methods

There are so many job boards / sites that offer to advertise your role and find the perfect candidate but it’s worth checking out exactly what exposure you are likely to get before signing up to a “too good to be true” offer! Well-known names like TotalJobs, Monster and Jobsite will certainly get a good level of traffic and should hook you some decent applications, but other job boards may be more niche and might not attract the right type of candidate for your roles. For example a site like CWJobs is fantastic for attracting IT specialists, however if you are looking for a candidate for a retail vacancy then there’s little point advertising the role to this site. Also, be aware that certain organic postings may seem better than they are – Indeed for example boast 200 million unique visitors every month from across the globe, but a free “organic advert” is likely to drop down the listings very quickly, meaning your advert may never be seen by the candidates you want to attract.

It will cost you

Cost of recruiting

As mentioned above an offer that’s free isn’t always going to get you the results you are looking for! Signing up to job management software is great but you may find you need to create individual accounts with each job board, purchasing a certain level of quota in advance to be able to advertise your roles on the best sites. Solutions such as JobHoller will give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to post to multiple job boards in a single click, but purchasing slots as and when you need to in line with your recruitment budget. There are also many paid options for exposure on platforms where the organic option doesn’t necessarily drive results – this includes PPC sponsored listings on sites like Indeed, Paid Facebook adverts instead of an organic post which gets little engagement, and featured LinkedIn Adverts that will match with potential candidates registered on the platform. The best thing about the social and PPC options is that you can probably find a solution that works around your budget, no matter how small – just note that the results won’t always be positive if you spread yourself too thin at this stage.

It might not work as a stand alone option

online recruitment software

Yes, job board advertising can get you a quick win and they can sometimes attract great candidates who would normally cost you a hefty fee from a recruitment agency, but they aren’t always the sole solution for your candidate attraction. Job boards only attract candidates who are actively looking, and often the candidates who are actively looking on the job boards are being contacted by dozens of other companies / recruiters which can make it difficult to actually take them on! They are often in high demand for interview slots, may be sold a more attractive role than your own and as a result of speaking to so many recruiters can quickly have their salary expectations driven up past what you can afford! Instead of relying too heavily upon the job boards, look at extending your candidate attraction through targeted social campaigns, employee advocacy initiatives and curated content that will help build awareness and engagement with potential candidates for your business.

You'll need to format your advert

Advertising on an online job board

This is something that a lot of people forget about but it’s important if you want your advert to look great on every site you post to! If like most people you write the job advert on a tool such as Microsoft Word, then copy and paste it into your online recruitment software then you could be at risk of formatting errors that you won’t be able to see. It may look fine on your screen but pasting from a document can often copy in hidden code that can cause spacing and formatting issues when you hit post. To avoid this happening simply use a plain text tool such as Notepad and paste the copy in from here. You’ll need to add the extra formatting within the Job Board Software itself so make sure you use bullet points and bold text to make your job advert easy on the eye for the candidate!

It can help improve the candidate experience

Candidate Experience

Recruitment management software is a great tool to increase applications for your company, but if you don’t nurture those applications in the right way then you may struggle to convert these applications to hires and may even run the risk of damaging your reputation! Luckily a lot of recruitment CRM’s will offer solutions that help you improve the candidate experience – such as automated responses that allow you to reply to every candidate (even if they are unsuccessful), and pipelining tools that help you track the candidate journey. This technology will help make sure that candidates get responses at key touchpoints of the candidate journey such as a CV submission / interview stage, and the software will also be able to remind you when you need to get in touch so that candidates aren’t left hanging in the balance (which can often leave a bad taste in their mouth!).

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