Strategic Audit

At JobHoller our team of experienced employer brand professionals work closely with you to create an employer brand strategy to meet your unique objectives.

Whether you are looking to conduct research to build your employer brand and employer value proposition (EVP) architecture, combat negativity surrounding your current employer brand or simply find a way to make your current brand perform better to attract, engage and retain top talent – we can help!

Why audit?

  • Develop your employer value proposition (EVP)
  • Build an employer brand architecture
  • Discover the best way to promote your employer brand
  • Get your employees more engaged
  • Reduce your cost per hire
  • Combat negativity
  • Reduce the time spent on recruitment

At the start of any strategic audit, we firstly work with you to help define your own bespoke objectives for your employer brand strategy.  

Whatever you are looking to achieve, we will build your plan and define metrics so we can keep you updated with the progress of your goals throughout your JobHoller campaign!

Our team will work closely with you company to understand your current processes for your talent acquisition – everything from that first job advertisement right up to the employee’s first day.

Our report can highlight your most effective aspects of talent acquisition, and also highlight areas of improvement in line with your set objectives.

Don’t worry – you’ll always have access to the employer brand consultants at JobHoller and we can build execute and measure the results of all your campaigns,

To help get the best possible results we will help appoint an employer brand team within your organisation – usually combining HR, Marketing, Recruitment, Management and individual departments / locations.

Before building your employer brand strategy we will examine any internal / external brand drivers that you will need to consider.

Anything from GDPR, political uncertainty and advancements in technology can affect how you take your employer brand to market, so the JobHoller team will assess this on your behalf and advise accordingly.

We build EVP & engagement surveys using unique questions determined from your objectives and current employer brand vision, and show you anonymous results of what your employees really think. 

This will uncover key strengths that will form a large part of your campaign to attract future candidates and highlight areas you could improve upon to improve retention.

Your EVP and Brand Architecture will act as the grounding for all campaigns, communications and messages, ensuring consistent messages and the highest possible standards at every candidate and employee touch-point.

This architecture can either form the base of your campaign managed by JobHoller or be used as a guideline for in-house use too.

We’ll build a report from your EVP research and survey, and give you a list of suggestions to achieve every objective along with a realistic project scope.

We can work to your budgets accordingly and manage your content plan and campaigns on your behalf so that you don’t have to!

You’ll get a monthly report to see how your campaigns are performing, but we don't leave it to you to work out the insights.

Working with a dedicated employer brand account manager, we will make sure that you get the results you need and make recommendations along the way.


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