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Holler Hub

If you're fortunate enough to have a glitzy careers website you still need traffic, the Holler Hub is the engine to power that, working 24/7 building social engagement across all platforms. It can work in tandem with an existing platform or as a standalone product. The Holler Hub is designed to give potential candidates a richer sense of your employer brand away from the noise of your corporate site! All information is targeted to your live vacancies and can be updated quickly and easily so that it's always up to date!

As well as featuring all of your distinctive assets, our campaigns actively drive relevant traffic to your Holler Hub - meaning candidates with the right skill-set will be able to find and apply to you directly!

As well as featuring your vacancies the Holler Hub allows you to plug-in a Blog wall and live social media stream - selling your proposition as best as possible at that first candidate touchpoint.

69% of active jobseekers are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages it's employer brand!

Source: Glassdoor

Holler Jobs

Get a boost on your live vacancies with our Holler Jobs package! Not only can our content team write your adverts for you but we optimise them and push them to the the top UK Job Boards, give you sponsored branded 1-click apply adverts on Indeed and promote your vacancies through Social Media adverts - targeted to the skills and location you want to attract!

We have affordable solutions for all different needs - plus you'll get applications straight to you, automatically logged into our free OnBoarder ATS so you can start to recruit directly (and save on recruitment fees 😉 )


Unleash the power of employee advocacy with our Hollering package! Hollering gets your employees actively engaging and sharing your content across social media meaning you can increase your content reach enormously! Hollering is fun to use and incentivises your employees to spread the word, you'll see live twitter analytics and our social team will pull together monthly reports showing you who is your most engaged advocate and give you the chance to reward if you so wish!

52% of the content employees share is trusted by candidates more than content shared only by the marketing department.

Source: Edelman Trust Barometer

Holler Content

Everyone is saying content is king! Unfortunately for busy Recruitment Marketing teams it's true, but not just any old content. In a digital world where there's much noise around, where do you start?? How can you be unique, engaging and relevant with all this going on? Content marketing and employee storytelling is one of the most effective ways to promote your employer brand for candidate attraction. The reason we don't all do it? Quite often marketing departments are too busy on the consumer brand! This is why our team of experienced recruitment marketers and employer brand specialists come as standard with all our Content packages who can simply do all of this for you!

Onboarder ATS

Wish you could manage the candidate experience more effectively? Or maybe you just want a way to keep track of candidate source to avoid recruitment agencies arguing over who sent them first! Our OnBoarder ATS is a simple to use dashboard that lets you manage the process all in one place - great for collaborating between teams and making sure the candidate journey goes smoothly - and it's free!

Strategic Audit

For companies that aren't sure where to begin with their employer branding strategy, or for those who just want to make sure they get the most out of their JobHoller sign up we recommend our Strategic Audit! A qualified Employer Brand Leader will work closely with you to:

  • Review your talent acquisition
  • Conduct employee surveys
  • Conduct desktop analysis
  • Report & suggest how to improve
  • Create employer brand & EVP architecture
  • Define your key objectives
  • Create a bespoke plan & help you get started
84 %
Candidates would leave

A strong employer brand can woo passive candidates - 84% of candidates would consider leaving their current company if another company with an excellent reputation offered them a job.

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